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G-Map Launches First Real-Time Traffic iPhone GPS App

The latest G-Map US & Canada version 2.0 now offers real-time traffic. The feature displays the level of traffic on the route in different colors and offers alternative routes to avoid traffic tie-ups. With the TTS technology of G-Map 2.0, clearly spoken street names can be heard as part of the voice guidance.

“G-Map reads out not only the remaining distance to the next turn, but also the name of streets and exits ahead,” says Sean Lee, marketing director for G-Map. “Clear voice guidance means the driver can watch the road and not the GPS screen, so you reach your destination easily and safely.”

“Development of real-time traffic and TTS for an iPhone GSP app takes time,” explains Lee. “G-Map launched its first turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone more than six months earlier than TomTom and Navigon, so we have had ample time to prepare for real-time traffic and TTS. We asked consumers for their feedback on this first iPhone-based live traffic info service in comparison to the traditional personal navigation devices’ traffic service and incorporated their ideas in the product.”

AT&T Navigator software also offers live traffic service, but their service depends on being connected to the telephone network resulting in various inconveniences — delayed route guidance and no service if you lose connection. iPhone users have been waiting for live traffic service in an embedded GPS navigation software app, as it gives a more dependable service.

The G-Map 2.0 real-time traffic information service is free of charge for the first month. This initial offer gives consumers an opportunity to experience the service. Live traffic info can be accessed within 50 miles of the current vehicle location. Around 300k of traffic info data will be transmitted at one time so that there is no delay in the GPS guidance and any load to wireless internet.

In the future there is likely to be even more competition in diverse service areas of the iPhone GPS apps. The most visible one is the TTS, which is regarded as the most needed function besides real-time traffic. Navigon started offering this service a few days ago and now it’s available from G-Map.

An iPhone with mobile communication functions such as real-time traffic and turn-by-turn voice guided navigation functions will help expand the smart phone’s function and could accelerate the demise of the PND.

To purchase the G-Map 2.0 with real time traffic and voice guidance visit the iPhone App Store.

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