Apptizr Launches iPhone App for Personalized App Recommendations

Following the successful launch of last month, Apptizr is now available as an iPhone app, making it easier than ever for iPhone and iPod Touch users to discover great apps via personalized recommendations catered to their tastes.

With well over 100K apps in the iPhone App Store, it is nearly impossible for users to find great apps not featured by Apple. Apptizr solves this problem by using a proprietary algorithm to match each user’s individual tastes to the right apps. In addition to the users’ interests, Apptizr also accounts for app quality, recommending only the most highly-rated apps in each genre.

Called the “Pandora for iPhone apps,” Apptizr is free and easy to use. To start receiving personalized app recommendations, users simply provide the name or category of apps they enjoy. With as little as one word, Apptizr will start providing app recommendations. Over time, Apptizr further refines its recommendations, as users indicate whether they liked or disliked the recommended apps.

With the Apptizr app, users can easily search for and learn about great apps in the app store right on their device. The slideshow feature makes browsing through app screenshots effortless. Users can also easily bookmark, download, or share apps they like. They can receive app recommendations when using the app, via push notifications, on the website, or in a weekly email.

“We are very excited about the launch of the Apptizr app since it was a top request of our existing website users,” said David Li, CEO and Co-Founder of Apptizr. “The Apptizr app is a must have for all the iPhone app lovers out there. Our beta users love the ability to get personalized app recommendations, which they can easily share and download, right on their iPhone or iPod Touch.” launched in December of 2009. The service is now in public Beta and is available for free at The Apptizr app can be downloaded for free from the iPhone App Store.

About Apptizr:
Apptizr was founded in 2009 with the mission of making it easy for iPhone and iPod Touch users to find great mobile applications based on their interests. Apptizr was developed by mobile and web industry veterans from Danger, PayPal, eBay, and Oodle. Apptizr is not affiliated with Apple Inc. or any mobile carrier. Apptizr is a product of Third Ave Labs. More information about Apptizr can be found at

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