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Healthful Apps Releases new iPhone app

Apps For All, LLC has announced that its latest health care application, Health Tracker Apps (TM), for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is now available on Apple’s App Store. This iPhone app, the latest in a series of apps, provides peer-recommended healthcare apps from the App Store based on user submitted feedback.

The apps recommended by Health Tracker Apps offer initial self-testing capabilities for vision, hearing, and other conditions. While not a replacement for doctor’s visits, these apps allow consumers to take a more proactive approach to their health care. With over 10,000 new apps being added to the App Store each month, the challenge for any iPhone/iPod touch users is locating the most useful healthcare apps in the shortest amount of time. Health Tracker Apps helps you narrow your focus to only apps that have already been peer reviewed and will more likely meet your healthcare needs.

“Introducing this app demonstrates our commitment to recommending quality healthcare apps to healthcare providers and consumers. Health Tracker Apps allows you to quickly identify, based on peer reviews, the best apps in the category of apps that track your health. We eliminate the need for you to search all over the App Store and spend money on apps that may or may not be useful to your particular health care needs,” said Apps For All founder Dan Cohen.

iPhone and iPod Touch users have a powerful tool at their disposal to help caregivers or patients find the most useful health-tracking apps. Health Tracker is part of a series of apps associated with the Healthful Apps application, released last month to very favorable reviews.

Health Tracker features include:
* Quickly review recommended apps that provide health tracking for patients and caregivers
* Review ratings (one to five stars) and read reviews for each app listed in each health category
* Post reviews and give an app your own rating (one to five stars)

Pricing and Availability:
Health Tracker is available for download in the U.S. for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the App Store for $.99 (USD). Or you can purchase Healthful Apps and receive all eight healthcare categories (including Health Tracker Apps) for only $2.99. For more information about Health Tracker and Healthful Apps, please visit Apps For All online.

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