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Optimism for Mental Health 3.2 released for OS X

Technology is rapidly increasing the options for delivery of mental health services. The use of software, online interventions and light-weight tools promotes collaboration between patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and other stakeholders. With the emphasis in healthcare moving towards preventative care, effective computer based technologies are ideal for delivering low cost treatments.

In this context, mental health software company Optimism Apps has announced version 3.2 of Optimism, its popular mood chart and health planning application. At its core Optimism helps a person to monitor the triggers and warning signs of a decline in their mental health, and develop strategies that help them to remain well. Database fields can be customized to be very specific to the individual’s circumstances.

Charts and reports help to discover interactions between the things being monitored, which assists in developing a long-term health plan. This plan is dynamic. With the benefit of a continual feedback loop, the individual can gain a better understanding of these interactions and continually improve on their health strategies.

In version 3.2 Optimism Apps has continued to develop the charts to improve the contextual information available. Users can now view their journal notes in a pop-up window for any day on a visible chart. This helps with recall and making connections between recorded data and notes. The upgrade also includes an automatic launch function, prompting users to record their entries each day at a time of their choosing.

Pricing and Availability:
Optimism is available for OS X 10.3 or later as a Universal Build. A single license costs $39.95 (USD), but there is currently a 10% discount at the checkout available to all buyers. All future upgrades are free.

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