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iPhone Users Unite Against Parking Fines

Everyone has once felt the urge to alert car owners when a parking patrol comes down the street. Now, a new community-based iPhone application empowers user communities to alert each other in real-time.

ParkWatch, a free iPhone application, enables users worldwide to send an alert at the flick of a button every time they spot a parking patrol officer on duty. Those alerts are delivered instantly to all ParkWatch users whose cars are parked nearby. ParkWatch is an early warning service that does not circumvent legitimate parking, it relies on community spirit and helps users stay one step ahead of parking fines.

ParkWatch is a world-first system to crowd-source local knowledge by leveraging smartphone technologies available on the iPhone: GPS, maps and push notifications.

The application launched in January on the Apple AppStore, has seen an exponential uptake and is proving a huge success worldwide, forming grassroots movements across the globe.

More information at is a startup based in Sydney, Australia, focusing on community-oriented iPhone and Android mobile applications designed to empower user communities.

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