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Communities get muscle with new iPhone Application

iPhone and Android mobile app to revolutionise how community matters are reported to local authorities around Australia and New Zealand.

Matters ranging from vandalism, fire damage, fallen trees, to potholes, abandoned cars, litter, and graffiti, can now be easily reportable using your mobile phone.

NeatStreets is a brand new service that empowers the community to report directly to the relevant local authority, using a mobile phone, anywhere in the country. Anyone can take a picture, type a brief message and press the send button. That’s all it will take. The first service of its kind – developed in Melbourne will launch this month.

“With ever increasing attention paced on our living environments, this service will help alleviate community frustration with council issues” said Neil Kuruppu, Managing Director of PepperStack, the Melbourne based company behind NeatStreets. “NeatStreets will help local authorities to quickly become aware of common issues like the illegal dumping of rubbish and the occurrence of graffiti and vandalism. The service is aimed at helping authorities to become more efficient at attending to these matters.” he added.

The mobile phone application will be free to download and use, and all issues reported will remain completely anonymous.

All reports will find their way to the NeatStreets data centre where they will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate council based on the person’s GPS location. This is done by a unique location-to-council mapping service.

At the onset, the reports will be sent by an automated email to councils with a link to the NeatStreets website at

“What we would like to do is to eventually engage all the councils in the region to integrate this service to their existing management system, or else to use the NeatStreets website itself to manage issues” Mr Kuruppu said.

The NeatStreets app can be downloaded for either the iPhone or any Android phone via the online iStore or Google Android Market. PepperStack also has intentions of releasing a Blackberry app for NeatStreets in the months to come.

NeatStreets can be followed at or feedback can be posted on the NeatStreets Blog.

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