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13CABS iPhone App To Revolutionise Cab Industry

13CABS announced today its cutting-edge iPhone booking App is available as a free download from the App Store.

The App is set to revolutionise the cab industry nationwide as competitors and interstate counterparts scramble to emulate 13CABS’ feature-rich benchmark.

13CABS says its App has massive appeal for Melbourne’s discerning iPhone users who want an improved service when booking cabs, especially useful during peak periods such as Friday and Saturday nights.

13CABS’ commitment to customer service is evident in the user-friendly and intuitive interface.
Boasting superior functionality to any existing cab booking App in Australia, users can book cabs direct to their location with ease via the iPhone’s built-in GPS.

The 13CABS App also gives users the power to make multiple bookings for deferred dates and times, use a list of previous locations for rapid bookings, and even maintain a library of favourites to expedite future bookings.

A slick Where’s My Cab? feature conveniently allows users to check the status of their cab on active bookings by geographically depicting the last known location of the assigned cab.

Fare Estimator as its name suggests, provides a good indication of how much users can expect to pay for their trip, virtually eliminating fare disputes in bookings using the 13CABS App.

Find A Rank is a failsafe during peak times when bookings are heavy and available cabs can be scarce. It displays a map representing the user’s location in relation to cab ranks in their proximity. For ease of use for the vision impaired, the App is voice over enabled.

By being able to ‘Sync’ with their my13CABS account, a free web service through, users can import their entire web booking history and favourites directly into their iPhone if they choose.

In 13CABS’ breakthrough App, iPhone users have unrivalled capacity to manage their cab bookings with ease. The 13CABS App also means rapid bookings and savings on mobile phone calls to users – representing a landmark moment for the cab industry.

For further information about the 13CABS App contact 13CABS Client Services Manager Simon Purssey on +61 3 9277 3427 or email your query to [email protected]

13CABS is a full service taxi cab company with over 1,800 vehicles servicing clients across Melbourne. For further information please contact us at +613 9277 3700.

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