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Apple Macintosh News and Information

Drink Spot Now Available in the Apple App Store

Ever sat in your favorite bar and thought, “Everyone should know how awesome this is”? Well, now is your chance. Just launched; the first drinking social networking app for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Available at the Apple App Store, Drink Spot is a user submitted site where booze hounds and wine connoisseurs alike can post their favorite place to knock a few back: bars, vineyards, beaches, clubs and stores. Subscribers can use Drink Spot to document the time they had at party locations worldwide.

Taking into account the most likely condition “consumers” will be in while using the app, creators Dave Muscarella and John Nenninger have made it incredibly user friendly. Drink Spot gives you the ability to post stories about your time at a bar, rank posts, add and comment on photos, even find exact locations. This international fun finder is a great place for bar owners to plug their establishment while receiving feedback.

Hair of the dog; what do you do when Drink Spot helped to find that perfect party last night, but now you feel less than? Return to the scene of the crime. That’s right not only can users post and find the best bar to get blitzed, but they can also give advice on how to kick that hangover. Whether searching for the best coffee shop or a bloody mary, Drink Spot also allows you to post and find the easiest route to a morning after fix.

Encouraging posts, Muscarella and Nenninger have decided to make this app free to all subscribers for a limited time, officially making Drink Spot the most thirst quenching swig you can download. Visit at:

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