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On The Spot Systems, Inc., announced today that their iPhone application, SURVEY ON THE SPOT, is now available to air travelers to rate airport security screening by completing a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) survey. SURVEY ON THE SPOT uses the iPhone’s GPS to identify the user’s location and enables smartphone users to answer a TSA questionnaire quickly and easily immediately after passing through the security checkpoint.

“The application is very easy to use. It can identify which airport you are flying out of, allowing you to provide the TSA with feedback immediately,” said Ken Kimmel, president of On The Spot Systems. “SURVEY ON THE SPOT also allows travelers to add photos and comments that they feel will help the TSA improve the national security system.”

SURVEY ON THE SPOT provides air travelers with easy access to a questionnaire that has been used by the TSA to rate screening procedures and gauge consumer confidence in the security of air travel.

There is no cost to complete the TSA survey. iPhone users can simply download SURVEY ON THE SPOT free from the Apple App store. Upon starting the app, users enter TSA and then press “Find surveys around me.” The system will identify the airport they are departing from and allow them to begin the survey. The survey can also be accessed on other smartphones, such as Android and Blackberry, by using the mobile web browser to go to and entering the TSA survey code, as well as the city and state of the traveler’s departure.

On The Spot Systems will provide all survey results to the TSA. “Our hope is that the feedback gathered through SURVEY ON THE SPOT will help the TSA improve its current system,” Kimmel said. “Given the holiday timing, we have not been able to confirm specifics with them, but felt compelled to make SURVEY ON THE SPOT available to the TSA and travelers in the US as a public service, particularly given recent airport security concerns.”

SURVEY ON THE SPOT was introduced on the iPhone app store in November 2009 and was designed for restaurants, hotels, retailers and other organizations to gather real-time guest satisfaction feedback using iPhone and smartphone technology. For more information visit

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