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iAlcohol 1.0 released for iPhone – Unique BAC calculator for drivers

In all countries driving while drunk is illegal. Your driving license will be confiscated if the level of alcohol in your blood tests exceeds the permitted level for driving. Is there an efficient way to avoid this kind of problem with legislation? We have the solution. Software for smartphone Apple iPhone, which determines the level of alcohol in a person’s blood and calculates the required interruption in driving.

iAlcohol is a unique development, whose developers excelled at using the previous experience of work with similar programs. For the first time they managed to accumulate and evaluate the majority of all the conclusive parameters, which had not been taken into account when determining the speed of alcohol elimination from a person’s body. Alcohol concentration in a person’s blood is affected not just by the amount of the consumed alcohol, but also by many other factors, such as the kind of drink a person consumes, their height, weight, gender, their activity after consuming alcohol, different kinds of food, consumed together with alcohol.

The calculation formula for the program takes into account the maximum number of factors that affect the result, thus providing 90% accuracy. The program is intuitively easy to use. You may plan to drink alcohol and know the exact time when you plan to start driving. The program will help you choose a suitable drink and the amount you are allowed to consume within this interval of time.

For your convenience, the list of the most existing drinks and cocktails is divided into groups and, apart from well-known drinks, it contains over 230 names of widespread alcohol cocktails, showing the required interruption in driving for each one. After you select a cocktail you will be able to find out the time period within which you are not allowed to drive.

It is also possible to calculate alcohol concentration in situations when different types of drinks are consumed simultaneously. A timer will inform you about the time when you can start driving. It will still count time if you exit the program. In case you drank more alcohol or changed your activity after turning the timer on, the program will increase the period, during which you are not allowed to drive, and correct the results according to new data, without cancelling the previously programmed timer.

Major functions:
* Permitted alcohol concentration for 47 countries.
* Multilingual interface (Russian, English, German, French, Italian).
* Timer, counting down the safe interruption in driving. It functions even if you exit the program.
* History of measurements (when, how much and what kind of alcohol was consumed; what kind of food was eaten, what kind of activities the person was performing, interruption in driving, maximum alcohol concentration in the person’s blood.)
* Influence of food on alcohol concentration (different types of food: fatty food, vegetables, fruit, juices).
* Influence of height, weight, gender, kind of activity on alcohol concentration and speed of alcohol elimination.
* Choice of majority of existing drinks and cocktails (over 230); their division into groups according to types of drinks.
* Possibility to calculate alcohol concentration, in case different kinds of drinks or cocktails have been mixed.
* Timetable for the process of alcohol elimination from blood.
* Possibility to register several user profiles and save the history of measurements for each user separately.
* If more alcohol is drunk after the timer is on – there is a possibility to include the drink into the program without cancelling the previously entered data.
* Selection of a drink and its size, when a user enters the period of time he is not planning to drive.
* Possibility to select a different kind of activity after the timer is on. (for instance, a user was awake at the beginning of the counting, but then decided to drink more alcohol and sleep – the speed of alcohol excretion will change).
* Possibility to simultaneously calculate alcohol concentration in blood and interruption in driving for several users.
* Display of current alcohol concentration in a person’s blood in real-time mode; display of time left until the person is allowed to drive, time left until complete elimination of alcohol from a person’s blood.

iAlcohol has preprogrammed settings of permitted alcohol concentration for 47 different countries. The history of measurements, data about maximum alcohol concentration in a person’s blood, length of interruptions in driving and other data is saved by the program. The program allows registering several user profiles, remembering each user’s name, weight, gender and history of measurements for each user separately.

System Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
iAlcohol 1.0 is $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store.

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