enVista Launches iPhone Application for Meeting Scheduling and Time Conversion

enVista, a leading enterprise cost management and supply chain consulting firm, announced today that it has launched a meeting scheduling and time conversion application for iPhone, immediately available on iTunes (www.itunes.com). The multi-use application offers extensive benefit to pilots, businesses and travelers by instantaneously converting time forward or backward to Zulu (GMT), local 12 and 24 (Military) time.
Zulu enables pilots to quickly understand when a historical report was released by translating the report’s issue time to the pilot’s current time zone and from military to standard time. This capability ensures pilots understand a report’s relevancy and that they make decisions based on the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

As a meeting planning application, Zulu enables users to automatically determine the most convenient meeting time available for all attendees across multiple time zones. This application is especially helpful for scheduling personal and professional meetings while traveling, or for meetings that include contacts in other time zones. It also helps users plan travel by converting departure and arrival times between the user’s current time zone and destination time zone.

For example, if you are on Pacific Standard Time (PST) and want to know if your business colleagues in London can make a 13:00 local (PST) meeting, Zulu will inform you that London is 8 hours (GMT) ahead, and that the proposed time would actually be 1:00 AM in London. A user would then continue to find a time convenient for all parties. Zulu’s meeting reminders also help ensure you will be on time for meetings as you travel.

About enVista

enVista, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is a leading enterprise cost management services provider, offering expert consulting and technology services from source to consumption. enVista enables world-leading companies to reduce operating costs, improve customer service and enhance profitability through innovative solutions and deep domain expertise across a multitude of industries and vertical markets. For more information about enVista, please call 877-684-7700 or contact us at [email protected] www.envistacorp.com

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