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Job Timer for Mac OS X

Apps & More Software Design, Inc. has released Job Timer, a task time tracking and reporting solution designed to be run by Script Timer, its popular script, Automator workflow, and application scheduling utility for Mac OS X.

With minimal setup Job Timer can automatically keep track of the time spent on files belonging to any number of specific jobs, with no need to have to remember to start or change timers. The user can then schedule Job Timer to produce a report which will show the amount of time each job to be tracked was active, both cumulatively and since the previous report. This makes it easy to assign billable hours.

Job Timer can also keep track of, and report on, the time specific applications are the frontmost application. This provides an easy way to, for example, determine how much time was spent in a web browser or chat program as part of a work project. Job Timer is ideal for graphic artists and other professionals who make their living working at their computers.

Minimum Requirements:
* Script Timer 2.6.2 (Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel)
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 or later
* 4.5 MB Hard Drive space
* An installed BSD package (the default installation)

Pricing and Availability:
Job Timer comes bundled with Script Timer. It is also available separately for existing Script Timer users. A single user license for Script Timer is priced at only $12.00 (USD). A Site License (25 users) may be purchased for only $300.00 (USD). Worldwide and Academic licenses are also available. A full-featured, 30-day demo is available. Version 2.6.2 is a free update for all registered users of Version 2.0 and later, and is a recommended update for all customers.

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