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E6B Aviation Calculator Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Application for Pilots

The Aviation E6B Calculator application for the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch enables pilots to solve common time, speed, distance, fuel, wind and other E6B calculations quickly and easily.

The demand for the E6B application from helicopter and airplane pilots has been so high that it has quickly made the coveted top 100 list on iTunes where it can be downloaded. Until now pilots had to purchase a special high-priced electronic E6B calculator, but the new application download is easier to use, does more, and costs less than $8.

“Every pilot learns how to use the manual E6B slide-rule while going through initial training. Shortly after training, if not during, they end up buying an expensive electronic one,” explained William DeWeese who developed the application. “Basically, what I did was create an electronic version of the E6B slide-rule specifically for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.”

The Aviation E6B Calculator is the finest E6B aviation calculator designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. It offers more than 75 aviation calculations, unit conversions and aviation weather reports. It provides everything a pilot needs to conveniently and quickly solve the planning and navigating problems associated with flying.

This E6B includes METARs, TAFs AIR/SIGMETs and PIREPs built in. Pilots can search by ICAO code or browse the database of world-wide reporting stations.

The aviation E6B calculator includes calculations for time, speed, distance, fuel, altitude, effects of wind, and more than 60 unit conversions. It also provides a customizable calculator, with unit conversions and pilot weather reports. All with just one finger operation.

The best news for pilots is the price. The download is only $7.99 at

This E6B aviation calculator is needed by every airplane and helicopter pilot, and now it is available as an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch application. The application has quickly become one of the top 100 navigation downloads.

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