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WaveMaker 6 Makes SaaS Simple for Macs

WaveMaker Software™ today announced general availability of the first open source cloud development platform for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. WaveMaker 6.0 for Mac OS X is available under the Apache open source license, providing Apple developers with the features and benefits found in proprietary cloud development platforms – such as and Azure – at a fraction of the cost.
With an open source community of 15,000 active developers (almost half of them developing on OS X), WaveMaker has established itself as a leading rapid application development platform for cloud computing. WaveMaker’s browser-based, drag and drop platform makes it easy for anyone to prototype, develop and customize great looking web applications.
“WaveMaker’s visual approach to web development appeals to Mac developers, making OS X the most popular platform in our community,” said Chris Keene, CEO of WaveMaker. “With WaveMaker 6, Mac developers can now build SaaS-enabled web apps on OS X and deploy them to Amazon EC 2 with a single button click!”
“After working and trying several web development tools for Mac OS X that integrated Ajax, we found WaveMaker!” said Fabián González, CEO of Diffteq. “It’s a truly integrated VISUAL Ajax Environment for Mac! It’s very easy to learn, use and the functionality is awesome!! Two thumbs up for WaveMaker!”
Because WaveMaker 6.0 was built using open source standards, it is the only cloud development platform to support deployment to any cloud, running on any Java server and connecting to any database. WaveMaker’s studio was even built using WaveMaker, demonstrating the power of WaveMaker technology.
WaveMaker 6.0 also introduces the industry’s first automated multi-tenant support. For this feature, WaveMaker’s server-side security module automatically isolates all database access between the tenants or customers of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application.
WaveMaker also announced a reference application that demonstrates the capabilities of WaveMaker 6.0. This application, called EnterTweet, combines a standard employee directory application with the Twitter web services API to provide a customized Twitter client for the Enterprise. Best of all, this application was built and deployed as a multi-tenant application onto EC2 in less than 10 minutes! For more information, see the shortWaveMaker EnterTweet video.
Mac developers can get the free download of WaveMaker Community Edition or request a free trial of WaveMaker Enterprise Edition at To experience WaveMaker without downloading any software, visit
About WaveMaker Software
WaveMaker Software™ is the only open source cloud development platform, with a 15,000-strong developer community and a leadership role in the Cloud Quick Start Program in partnership with IBM, Amazon and RightScale. WaveMaker makes it ridiculously easy to build, deploy and customize cloud applications with drag and drop development tools, one-click cloud deployment and end user self-service customization. WaveMaker customers like Ameren, Best Western, KANA, New Zealand Post and Pioneer Energy have built amazing-looking web applications with minimal learning curve and up to 98% less code. For more information, please visit

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