iPhone App Targets Mobile Advertisers and Consumers

Mobile Thunder, LLC (MobileThunder(TM)) introduces iScratcher(TM), a free application that turns a mobile touch device into a scratch-to-win game card. The patent pending, mobile advertising platform represents the next generation of scratch-off contests, sweepstakes and giveaway promotions.
The concept is simple. Advertisers sponsor scratch-off games that display on mobile device screens. Players “scratch off” a game card by wiping the screen with a finger to reveal sponsor brand images and potential prizes such as cash, products, coupons, promotional codes, lottery results, or content. Using GPS technology, iScratcher will provide location-specific game odds, prizes and–with another tap of the finger–a map with directions to nearby stores where prizes can be instantly redeemed.
The initial release is now available on internet-capable iPhones and iPod touches, whose users can compete for cash prizes by accumulating points playing the Mega Points Game(TM). The fully functional version will soon be available on Android smartphones and other mobile platforms such as Blackberry, as well as the Web. With iScratcher, advertisers can make promotions more attractive and available to everyone by offering the same promotion on the most popular technologies in addition to–or in place of–traditional cardboard tickets.
“iScratcher takes interactive mobile entertainment to a new level,” said Titus Blair, MobileThunder’s chief innovation officer. “Every game is engaging, and you want to play all day. Redeeming a prize will be a snap, with no paper tickets to forget or lose. This is the first prize-awarding app released to a mobile device that leverages touch and location technologies, allowing marketers capabilities never before imagined.” The iScratcher platform can facilitate customized games and game cards, online or onsite prize/coupon redemption, barcode-scanning capabilities, and more.
MobileThunder’s revolutionary solution modernizes the scratch-to-win concept, making iScratcher a win-win app that is bound to please advertisers and players. “This is a dedicated, rapidly growing channel that is visually engaging and entertaining–advertising that is addicting,” added Pete Perez, MobileThunder’s head of marketing. “There’s nothing like iScratcher available for smartphones; it’s a new model for interactive marketing. Businesses today are looking to do something fresh and ‘high tech’. The initial reaction from players and potential sponsors has been very exciting.”
Visit www.iscratcher.com to learn more about iScratcher.

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