NoteMaster 2.3 for iPhone

Kabuki Vision has just released an update to their popular note-taking app NoteMaster for iPhone and iPod Touch. NoteMaster, already well-known for its ability to create great-looking notes that contain text, images, and headers, now extends its capabilities in version 2.3 by allowing for font selection and supporting hyperlinks.

NoteMaster makes it easy to create great-looking notes by inserting images, photos, and headers right inside the text. Fonts can be selected for each note for a customized look.

“The ability to insert images directly into your notes opens up a world of possibilities”, says Adam Shaw, founder of Kabuki Vision. “It is the key to making NoteMaster perfect for meetings, shopping, travel, journals, or just general note-taking.”

Other NoteMaster features include categories, password-protection, hyperlink detection, full-text search, e-mail, and syncing with Google Docs(TM). As the only notes app offering true syncing with the Google Docs(TM) service, NoteMaster makes it easy to sync your notes to the cloud, allowing one to read and edit them on the web.

System Requirements:
* Any iPhone or iPod Touch

Pricing and Availability
NoteMaster is $3.99 (USD) and is available exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. NoteMaster was recently featured by Apple in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the US iTunes app store, and is currently one of the top-selling note apps in the store.

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