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New iPhone Application for Kids: Little Cook Released

Aqility, Inc. announced the release of its first iPhone/iPod Touch application for kids. Little Cook was specifically designed for children ages 4-7 as an interactive learning and playing tool. The app allows young players to choose from a selection of foods and build each recipe to their own creative specifications by adding different combinations of ingredients. During the launch period, parents can preview the video and will be able to purchase Little Cook for just $.99 from, or from the iPhone App Store.
“As a parent, I wanted to build a game that would not only entertain my kids, but would give them control over a creative project,” says Alexander Kesler, President of Aqility, Inc., “Little Cook gives children a chance to be in their own kitchen making planning and cooking decisions, and to develop a rudimentary understanding of appropriate ingredient combinations.”

About Little Cook

Little Cook gives future chefs a taste of creating dishes from scratch using both usual and unusual ingredient combinations. The challenge lies in selecting and combining the best ingredients because once you finish cooking your meal, it will be taste-tested by a discerning critic!

About Aqility, Inc.

Aqility, Inc. designs and develops iPhone applications for the iPhone, iPhone Touch, Blackberry and Android. Aqility applications, which include Kids’ Games™, Read and Play™, and iRealWorld™, provide interactive experiences for children and adults.

Aqilty applications are specifically designed to be simple, innovative and purposeful. Developers create every app with a higher purpose, from helping children develop critical-thinking skills (Kids’ Games™) and literacy (Read and Play™), to helping adults create positive change in the world around us (iRealWorld™).

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