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Space Crayons for iPad – Kinetic Art Creator

Zidware, Inc. announced today the release of their coolest interactive iPad app so far, Space Crayons(TM), to join ZooRound(TM), Photo Van Go(TM), My School(TM), My Alphabet(TM), Matheroids(TM) and ABC Invaders(TM) into the up and coming App Store family of Nanoschool Kids learning products. Kids draw their way with Space Crayons(TM) into a kinetic robot world of art!

Space Crayons(TM) designed just for the iPad, are amazingly fun to use energy infused crayons that allow kids to create stunning interactive coloring pages and kinetic art simply and easily. Preschoolers explore the robot-themed paper sheets, creating original visual works good enough to show, as part of the Nanoschool Kids series of personal education & learning software.

Space Crayons(TM) was developed just for the iPad and is jammed with great new ideas in interactive coloring that allows kids to make their own kinetic pieces that move on the screen. A basic “kid-friendly” easy to follow interface enables young artists to create beautiful animated works that are alive with color, movement and sound.

“Space Crayons(TM) just blasted off the design board with new ideas in drawing that allows children to create moving art and kinetic works”, explains the Nanoschool Director, John Popadiuk, “…again, the perfect display of the iPad allows us to create wonderful kid-ready apps with a serious play quotient and core tool ideas invented by my 4th grader, Isabella Popadiuk”

Very simply the drawing concepts for interaction in Space Crayons(TM) take advantage of the iPad’s amazing screen, allowing parents and family to join in and explore the fun together. All graphics and interface elements are tested with real kids, drawn bold and created just for smaller hands and fingers.

Space Crayons(TM) has a clever Green Earth Robot graphic look with play-along voice commands that guide young children to engage. As with all Nanoschool software, foundation concepts in learning cover gross and fine motor skills, color recognition, follow basic instructions, cognitive awareness of kinetic elements and free-exploration.

Space Crayons(TM) is a new and captivating art app for young preschoolers to explore digital art and motion. Mr Popadiuk explains, “…our Nanoschool Kids series is on target again to cover innovative ideas from a child’s eye in art, basic literacy, math and science-based learning we are preparing in Simple Science(TM) due out in September!”

About Nanoschool Kids
Space Crayons(TM) , My Colorz & Shapes(TM), My Numberz(TM), ZooRound(TM) and My Alphabet(TM) were all developed as part of the Nanoschool Kids Project by Zidware, a “Smart” interactive based learning environment of thinking classroom ideas, digital app media products and parent tools used to mesh together the natural and technologically enhanced world of children’s education.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 4.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Space Crayons 1.0 is available today in the Apple iTunes(R) Store worldwide for $1.99 (USD) along with My Colorz & Shapes(TM), My Numberz(TM), Matheroids(TM) and My Alphabet(TM) for $.99 (USD). All a great value.

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