Apple Macintosh News and Information
Apple Macintosh News and Information

Kapelan releases 1D Gel Analysis Software for MAC

The usage of Macintosh systems in medical and biological research is increasing worldwide. Figures from the US market indicate up to 50 % Mac users in the laboratories. Numbers in Europe are also increasing constantly.

Kapelan Bio-Imaging decided to release its flagship bioinformatics software “LabImage 1D” for Mac OS X, taking part in the segment of Mac systems.
The Mac version of LabImage 1D is based on the same interface, great features and workflow guided structure that Windows users enjoyed for several years already.

“Other companies provide Macintosh support by windows emulation only.” says Olaf Brenn, CEO of Kapelan. “We are providing Mac software with a native Mac look & feel. Our users will not experience any performance decrease caused by emulation”.
So “LabImage 1D” for Mac provides seamless integration into OS X. Mac users will benefit from a high level of automation, flexible reporting and exporting and the easy-to-use software interface. Both Windows and Mac versions are available as stand-alone or network licenses without price difference.

By releasing “LabImage 1D” for Mac OS X Kapelan Bio-Imaging expands the power of its own bio-imaging platform to another Operating System. This is only the first step towards a high-end and platform independent software in bioinformatics. In the near future Kapelan Bio-Imaging will provide even more solutions in bioinformatics.


Kapelan Bio-Imaging – leading in bioinformatics software

Kapelan Bio-Imaging is one of the worlds leading developers of bioinformatics software in the field of molecular biology. Kapelan Bio-Imaging aims to provide easy-to-use and flexible solutions to a rapidly growing scientific and industrial community.
Since the initial launch of our first product for 1D gel analysis in 1999, the user base has grown to several thousand users worldwide.

With an innovative and highly motivated team Kapelan Bio-Imaging succeeded in developing an innovative imaging platform for bioinformatics solutions. This platform is continually extended to provide a solid base for imaging software projects.

Kapelan Bio-Imaging is constantly improving their solutions to provide the best software to support scientists in accomplishing their every day tasks. We distribute and support our software through our German headquarter and our global network of distributors. We also carry out customer specific development for OEM partners and clients.

Besides the LabImage 1D software for 1D gel electrophoresis and LabImage CC for spot and colony detection Kapelan Bio-Imaging offers its competence for client specific development. Using our own LabImage platform our team is able to provide a wide range from prototyping up to GLP/CFR 21 Part 11 compliant solutions.

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