Information on Traffic in MAPS.ME for iOS

MAPS.ME offers two key features: firstly, maps work offline and do not require Internet connection; secondly, if Internet is used, advanced data compression algorithm is employed to save traffic. MAPS.ME apps have already been installed by over 65 million travelers around the world. This service uses efficient algorithms for compressing traffic data: this makes the new feature usable even when data roaming is on without taking a hit to your wallet. MAPS.ME requires approximately 1 MB per hour of traveling with traffic updates on, which is 3-5 time less than other similar services. Meanwhile, location maps can still be downloaded in advance without spending mobile traffic for them when traveling. This update will also let drivers avoid traffic jams and select the optimal route in their home regions.

When the traffic display feature is on, roads on the map are highlighted in six colors from black to green (depending on the speed of traffic). Information on traffic conditions is instantly loaded into MAPS.ME, allowing users to easily zoom in and out of the map to evaluate traffic conditions on their routes. The app shows traffic conditions not only on the route mapped, but throughout the city so that drivers can rapidly get re-oriented (e.g., to bypass a traffic jam).

Traffic data is available for 36 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.