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New Mobile Art Gallery Apps For The iPhone

Featuring the artwork of some of the world’s premier contemporary artists such as Dave Burke, Brian Despain, Charlene Chua, Milen and Gianluca Mattia, these apps open the artists’ work to new audiences through a unique app design.

“As fans of many contemporary artists, we wanted to open their artwork to a wider audience than previously available, and to do so in a way that put the art and the artwork first”, say Phil Scales, Founder & CEO of Banzai Labs. “By allowing the artist to present their artwork in a simple mobile application, we’ve created a new distribution channel and revenue stream for these artists”.

BANZAI LABS Mobile Galleries introduce several unique features designed to deliver an unparalleled mobile art viewing experience. Menus and dialogs are semi-transparent and vanish automatically after a few seconds providing an unobstructed view of the artwork.

Several features are available by simply tapping the screen to bring up a menu of options, including the ability to save an image to the iPhone Photos where it can be used as the wallpaper for the device. The user can also press the Play button and watch an elegant slideshow of the entire gallery. Pressing the artist’s profile button brings up the artist’s profile where the user can learn more about the artist, their artwork and even visit their website.

The BANZAI LABS design philosophy is to put the art and the artist first, collaborating with each artist to develop their own unique splash screens, menus and profiles to create a user experience unique to their artwork.


Please watch for future Mobile Art Wallpaper Galleries from BANZAI LABS. Upcoming Gallery Apps will feature the works of world famous artists, Dru Blair and Ryan Heshka.

BANZAI LABS Mobile Art Wallpaper Galleries for the iPhone and iPod Touch are available in the Apple iTunes App Store. Examples of each mobile art gallery can be seen at:

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