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Hdub Apps: 1st Entertainment iPhone Magazine – Read Entertainment News, Listen to Music from iPhone by HW and Associates

HDUB iZine Celebrates today as the first ever Entertainment Magazine designed for the iPhone. HDUB iZINE offers all of the normal magazine functions such as, news articles, advertisement, feature stories, and music. Now here’s the twist, not only allows client to read about their favorite celebrity news or function, clients can now view the video, listen to a news story, listen to a featured artist music or interview, purchase music, view an extensive photo catalog, interact with other subscribers, start their own topics, email it to a friend, and so many more features that will be added periodically. Come celebrate with HDUB iZine as it’s introduce the world to the newest form of magazines.


About the Cretor of HDUB iZINE

The Creator of the HDUB iZINE, a serial entrepreneur, Harold Whaley is a former military veteran who dedicated his military tour to being a Radar Operator. In 1983 his use of computers and (at that time) the intranet, gave him the ability to foresee the movement of digital in the world. Immersing himself in the entertainment industry for the last 20 years, has lead to the ability to work with some of the top entertainers in the music industry. Over the past 5 years Harold has lead the Urban Network Magazine’s New Media team. He has been responsible for the output of the Urban Network’s Online Radio Stations, and the Urban Network Online Television Networks. Looking for ways to go green, and do his part on conserving natural resources, Harold has now taken his creative brand of marketing to the most popular device in recent history, the iPhone. So long to paper. Harold saw that delivering great news stories on a consistent basis and catering to a ever growing technophile audience, was a program that only established news networks were able to do before, but it is conceivable for a energetic, forward-thinking, idealistic individual to start a media platform that can be received by millions of interactive users. And also save on the world’s resources. The HDUB iZINE features stories from all entertainment genres. Subscribers will always find the latest entertainment news being updated daily. Find out about their favorite stars, products, luxury items and more. “The HDUB iZINE is looking to be active on the blackberrys and android systems before the Christmas season” remarks Whaley. One magazine, One Price, Updated forever. Introducing the “HDUB iZINE”.

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