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iPhone Insurance Covering Glass, LCD and Battery Now Available

The iRepair Team, a national iPhone and iPod repair company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, announces a revolutionary service for iPhone users who want to protect their investment with insurance, without breaking the bank.

Not offered the same way by any other company, the iRepair Team offers an accidental damage screen insurance service for iPhone 3G and 3GS users who don’t want to worry about paying huge repair bills if their glass or LCD ever cracks, but who aren’t as concerned about water damage or theft and just want coverage on their screen.

Apple does not offer an accidental damage insurance service on their iPhones. iPhone users have been searching a long time for an option that allows them to have insurance on their iPhone so they don’t have to worry about paying huge bills if they drop their iPhone and crack the glass, LCD or if the battery fails.

Jeff, the President and CEO of iRepair Team says “At iRepair Team, we are constantly thinking of innovative and creative ideas and services for the iPhone and iPod community. We realized there is a huge need for iPhone users to have accidental damage insurance on their iPhone that is both affordable and convenient. That’s where this service comes into play”

The insurance plan offered through the iRepair Team fills in a gap left by AT&T and Apple. If you crack your glass or LCD or if your battery fails on you, you’re not covered and Apple charges $200 to repair the glass.

The iRepair Team currently is offering insurance for only $30 a year that requires no deductible, has 5 claims allowed per year, is fully refundable within 30 days, and does not void the original Apple warranty.

iPhone users can purchase the insurance through with any major credit card and obtain it immediately after checkout.

Visit the and click on the insurance link on the left side or call 888-269-5658 for more information.

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