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iPhone Charging Connector Replacement Services Announced

The iPhone repair company has just announced a brand new service for replacing worn or damaged charging connectors on Apple’s iPhone 2G/3G/S models.

“It takes a certain degree of skill to remove a broken iPhone charging connector and solder on a brand new one, and we are excited to be able to offer this much-needed service to the iPhone community,” said Anthony Magnabosco, owner of

The charging connector is the part at the bottom of every Apple iPhone repair that you connect a power cable to or set into a docking station to transfer power to the battery inside the device. This part can get worn down from constant plugging and un-plugging or damaged if, for example, a user forces a charger onto the connector backwards.

In extreme cases, if the bottom of the iPhone is placed in liquid (e.g. water, beer, soda, etc.), this could also damage the charging connector, resulting in the need for such a repair.

“In the past, this type of damage would have rendered the iPhone completely unusable, but now that we can remove the damaged iPhone charging connector and install a new one, you will not have to buy a new iPhone or extend your carrier contract, if applicable,” added Magnabosco.

In addition to charging ports, replaces iPhone batteries, iPhone screens, and other, more obscure parts such as Home Buttons, Proximity Sensors, Vibration Assemblies, and LCD’s.

The repair company also provides battery replacement kits for those with iPods and a tendency to want to complete the repair themselves. The kits include tools, instructions, and a high-capacity battery so that you can pop open your iPod and change out the battery by yourself. Kits like this are available for some of the more established iPods such as the iPod Video, iPod Mini, iPod Photo, and 4th and 3rd Generation iPod models.

You can learn more about these exciting iPhone service offerings at

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