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Desktop Virtualisation for iPhone with PocketCloud by Wyse

Wyse have released PocketCloud Desktop Virtualisation for iPhone.

PocketCloud enables the iPhone and iPod Touch users to access virtual desktops to PCs. It remotely connects with Windows 2000, Windows Vista Business, Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 and Terminal Services features on Windows Server using Remote Desktop Protocol.

PocketCloud for iPhone can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and costs $29.99.

San Jose, Calif.-based Wyse is perhaps the largest private company in the virtualization space. It is also the biggest manufacturer of so-called “thin clients,” stripped down machines that use virtualization to run the same operating systems on less hardware. The computer processing is done on the server-side, rather than on the user’s side, so the machines can do more with less. With PocketCloud, Wyse is using its experience in developing software for thin clients to bring virtualization to the iPhone, a thin client of a different kind.

Thanks to the success of its thin clients, Wyse is primarily known as a hardware company. But to make everything work smoothly, the company has done a lot of software development as well. From Wyse’s perspective, the iPhone might be just another device for which engineers should develop operating systems and for enterprise-class IT staff it will likely solve more than a few headaches. For consumers, the long-term implication is even greater.

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