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Apalon Releases iHead App for iPhone and iPod Touch

This novelty iPhone application allows users to attach a photo of any person to one of the extremely funny animations. The face that is to be inserted can be easily proportioned to give the whole animation a more natural look. There are six different animated characters featured by the app, each has its own backgrounds, sounds and way of behavior.

By now there are following exciting animations:

*Middle-aged beer lover;
* Cute little baby;
* Curvaceous housewife;
* Sexy lady in red;
* Creepy guy;
* Bodybuilding champion.

With iHead users get a wonderful possibility to check how someone they know for ages would look like with a body of a bodybuilder or a middle-aged beer lover.

“At Apalon we have a passion for developing addictive and entertaining apps for the iPhone platform which are compelling and have clean and well-thought design. We hope iPhone users will find our new app exciting and entertaining” said Peter Melnikov, VP and co-founder of Apalon. “At these stressful times it is essential to have several minutes of good laugh during the day. Hopefully, iHead will grant this possibility to iPhone and iPod Touch owners.”

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About Apalon:

Apalon is a leading game development and animation studio focused on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms as well as the Web. Founded as a game development arm of established and experienced software development vendor MoveYourWeb, Apalon uses advantages and knowledge of a solid company while maintaining a culture of a small boutique. For more information, please visit

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