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New iPrayed 2.0 Application Helps iPhone Users Share a Prayer

Muse Apps announced today the official launch of iPrayed 2.0, a new iPhone application that helps iPhone and iPod touch users ‘share a prayer’ and deepen their relationship with God in today’s trying times. Prayers submitted by iPrayed users can be shared amongst Facebook and Twitter’s approximate 260 million registered users, or via email. The application can be used as a personal prayer tool, or as a medium to mobilize communities to use corporate prayer to impact global issues, such as war, homelessness, natural disasters, economic downturns and epidemics.

Poised to become the premier faith-based iPhone application, iPrayed 2.0 is a spiritual growth tool created to help users focus their hearts and minds on prayer each day, and help communities join hearts in prayer for the greater good. Recently featured by Church Crunch and the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, iPrayed 2.0, allows iPhone and iPod touch users to organize their prayers with tags and categories, and track who and what they pray for on an ongoing basis. The application, developed by Muse Apps, is ideal for iPhone and iPod touch users who want to enhance their personal prayer life, and impact the prayer lives of their friends, family, church members and community members.

iPrayed 2.0 helps users remember to pray regularly, track prayer needs and pray with others, all of which are tasks recommended by theologians to make prayer more focused and effective. The application is also ideal for churches, ministries, missions organizations and support groups for use in accompaniment with prayer campaigns, theology classes and study groups, and other initiatives to promote constant prayer and keep communities connected through prayer.

Over the last decade, technology has deeply impacted the way individuals, religious groups and ministries engage in worship and communicate with God. A number of Christian, Jewish and Muslim iPhone users are already using iPrayed 2.0 to enhance their prayer lives and connect with God and other believers. William Dickerson, a Baptist missionary and church planter in Bluefields, Nicaragua currently uses the application to share prayers with friends, family members, other missionaries and supporters, and encourage prayer for others.

iPrayed is compatible with the iPhone, iPod and iPod touch, and is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. To purchase iPrayed, visit the App Store, iTunes or The application is currently available for $0.99.

About Muse Apps

Muse Apps is a leading developer of inspirational iPhone applications, designed to uplift and enhance the lives of their users. Applications available from Muse Apps include iPrayer Journal and iPrayed 2.0. Visit Muse Apps online at

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