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PixPlant for Mac OS X

FaronStudio has launched an OS X version of PixPlant, the popular texturing tool that creates high quality seamless 3D textures from plain photos.

PixPlant for OS X includes all the functionality previously only available in the Windows version for turning photos into tiling textures and generating 3d depth information in seconds: normal, displacement and specular maps.

Starting from a photo, PixPlant creates a seamless texture and then generates high quality normal, displacement and specular maps which can be fine tuned in an interactive 3D preview.

Based on plain photos, PixPlant adds an unlimited choice of realistic textures for 3D projects: pick an interesting real world image, run PixPlant and get a perfect seamless 3D texture in a few clicks.

Available for Mac OS X in a standalone version and soon as a Photoshop plug-in, PixPlant reduces to almost zero the time and repetitive work of preparing tiling 3D textures and backgrounds. With PixPlant you can quickly turn photos into usable 3D textures, adding realism, variety and value to your projects.

PixPlant includes the following benefits for 3D visualization, architecture and games:
– Quickly create unique seamless 3D textures, horizontally and/or vertically tiled.
– Based on real-life photos, PixPlant generates realistic textures without the complication of procedural texture generation tools.
– Generate and fine tune normal, displacement and specular maps for highly realistic 3D texturing.

“We’re very pleased with the OS X version of PixPlant – in fact we were almost forced to do it by all the enthusiastic Mac people who contacted us demanding it.” – said Jorge Diogo, FaronStudio’s Director. “The PixPlant magic is now available to the vibrant Mac platform and user community.”

A fully-featured demo, videos, screenshots and examples are available at:

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