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Galatta Cinema iPhone app new version goes live

Galatta Cinema has created buzz in the App store yet again! The magazine has recently launched a new version (GC Version 1.1) of its iPhone application, attracting a lot of user attention. Loaded with exciting new features, the upgraded version goes that extra mile to cater to today’s user needs for sharing, communication and easy access.

Prominent features in the new version are multi-page downloads, share with a friend option and in-app registration for Galatta Cinema (GC) magazine.

Galatta Cinema’s latest app version (Version 1.1) is all about speed. The magazine’s pages download much faster than in the previous version. Thanks to the multi-page downloading feature, the app now downloads 10 pages at a time. This also makes navigation easier and scrolling smoother.

The new version is loaded with features for content sharing too. It allows an user to share a page with a friend through ‘Tell a Friend’ option. Using this option, a user can share/refer a particular page to a friend via top email services like Microsoft Exchange, MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL etc.

An important advancement is the in-app registration feature. This feature lets users register with Galatta Cinema magazine via the application itself. Secure and risk-free, this user registration allows one to get access to a whole gamut of’s exclusive offers.

Galatta team has added yet another significant feature for reader’s benefit. If you are too busy too scroll through all the pages of the magazine at one time or if you close down the application suddenly, you need not worry about losing track of your last-visited page. You will be automatically directed to your last viewed page the next time you access the GC app. This feature allows you to not just keep track of pages, but also lets you continue with your reading whenever you are free.

These refreshing features has hooked a whole sect of new users for the app, spiralling the app’s download numbers. As download numbers keep growing, comments/suggestions too keep pouring in. The Galatta team is already getting together to plan the next version of the app with more surprising features.

Galatta Cinema is a print media initiative of, South India’s #1 movie portal featuring movie-related content on the Indian film industry. The magazine, also available as eBook, offers a complete coverage of South Indian movie industries in a glossy, colorful and interesting fashion. The Galatta Cinema iPhone application lets iPhone users read and enjoy the 100+ pages of the magazine completely free of cost.

You can download the app from App Store.

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