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Shiny Frog releases Delibar 1.0 – Full Featured Delicious Mac Client

Shiny Frog has announced Delibar 1.0, a full featured Delicious Mac client. Delibar focuses on giving Mac OS X users an easy and quick tool for searching, managing and sharing their Delicious bookmarks. Delibar will be your best friend while using Delicious. Delibar syncs one or more Delicious accounts with your Mac and let you find, add, edit and modify your bookmark directly from your Mac OS X System bar. Using Delibar is as easy as using Spotlight, all your bookmarks are only a click away!

Delibar 1.0 highlights:
* Sync one or more Delicious accounts
* Offline browsing of your bookmarks
* Search your and your friends’ favourite website
* Edit, Add and Delete bookmarks
* Share an amazing website with your friend using Delicious, Twitter or Facebook
* Always doing the same search? Save it for later use
* Get notified when someone in your Network is adding a new bookmark
* Integration with all Mac browsers by using provided bookmarklets
* Global hot keys for accessing Delibar everywhere

Delibar helps you to quickly share your bookmarks with your friends, by using Delicious Network, Facebook or Twitter. Sharing is one of the core functionalities of Delicious and Delibar keeps you informed with the last bookmarks added by your Friends – you can even add the new bookmarks to your collection. Delibar makes it really easy to share a bookmark via email or blog about it with the excellent blog editor Mars Edit.

Delibar lets you save your searches in order to find your most used bookmarks without writing a letter. Delibar interface is designed to quickly find what you are looking for, every bookmark has its own favicon to let it be easily recognizable in the result list. Searches can be detached in separate window for a more quick access. Bookmarks can be drag’n’dropped from Delibar to any other application.

With Delibar adding a new bookmark to Delicious is a breeze, just tag the bookmarklet and Delibar will fill Url, Title and description for you and Delibar will prompt you a list of tags suggested by Delicious (you can still modify or add what you like). Delibar is available in two different versions: a paid pro version with all the features and a free version with only a subset of features.

System Requirements:
* Delibar 1.0 requires a Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 or greater

Availability and Pricing:
Delibar 1.0 is available in a free and a pro version, the trial version will run without registration for fifteen days then Delibar will switch to the free version. Delibar 1.0 pro will sell for 18 euros.

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