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GlobeMaster Travel Guide released for iPhone

Are you supposed to tip waitresses in India? Is there a good boutique hotel in Hong Kong for less than 100? How to stay healthy and safe in China? What kinds of scams are tourists falling victim to these days? How do I know if a country is safe to visit? So many questions, and now you can get right answers from one iPhone application – GlobeMaster!

This is how we named the first application we’ve developed for iPhone. GlobeMaster is an offline world-wide travel guide for 260+ countries and 1400+ cities with such information as traditions, rules of behavior, ways of getting in, out and around, recommendations on how to stay healthy and safe, national food and drinks, places of interest and other. Plus all of this is spiced up with 4100+ photos, tips calculator and adviser, units converter … and much more.

Feature Highlights:
* Usable, simple but elegant user interface
* 260+ countries and areas
* 1400+ major cities
* 4100+ photos
* All the information is divided in categories for faster and sufficient access
* Handy tips calculator with detailed information on tipping for current country
* Useful units converter with currency rates online on-demand update
* Favorites functionality for tip calculator and units converter presets you use most often and more.

GlobeMaster offers tons of useful information for travelers, which does make any trip interesting, enjoyable and comfortable. The application contains unique information and travel advice based on WikiTravel content. In addition, you can easily and quickly calculate tips using country-specific tipping information for reference and convert most used units of measurement, as well as currencies at up-to-date exchange rates updated online.

System Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
GlobeMaster 1.0 is only $2.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category.

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