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New Free iPhone App Allows Creation of Travel Itineraries

Instant Itineraries has announced the launch of a new free iPhone Travel Application available at the Apple iTunes App Store. The paired Instant Itineraries web site and iPhone application enable users to quickly select existing travel itineraries and customize them in minutes.
Both the web and iPhone travel applications allow users to use pre-existing travel plans or create their own itinerary from scratch. Saving a travel plan on the Instant Itineraries web site makes it available on the users iPhone almost instantly.
The free iPhone travel application enables travelers to take their self-contained itineraries with them while they travel. People can access maps from one destination to the next, information about each destination on their trip, and photos, ratings, and more.
“The beauty of Instant Itineraries is that it enables people to use the travel experiences of those who have gone before as a basis for their own travel itineraries – then take the knowledge of many people with them” says Kent Campbell, founder of Instant Itineraries. “It is easier to plan travel when you already have a template to work from.”
Once logged in, users can customize a travel itinerary and download it to their iPhone. Accessing downloaded itineraries and their destinations does not require an Internet connection. That means no matter how remote the destination, there are no roaming charges to use the downloaded content and users don’t have to be in range of a mobile network to access information about their destinations.
The first release of the Instant Itineraries iPhone travel application focuses on two popular California wine country destinations, Sonoma and Napa Valleys. Additional popular travel destinations around the globe are being added.
To download the Instant Itineraries iPhone Application public beta, iPhone users can go to iTunes, in the Apple App Store, and search for ‘Itineraries’ by Osayso.
About Instant Itineraries: Instant Itineraries (
Developed by Osayso, offers destination travel itineraries on web and mobile devices.

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