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WebCrusher 1.6 Makes Your Website Load Fas

RAGE Software announced today the immediate availability of WebCrusher 1.6, a major update to the website optimizer for Mac OS X. WebCrusher is a utility for website owner’s to reduce their website’s load time, providing a better experience for their visitors and customers. WebCrusher scans entire websites, including webpage files and image files, to intelligently remove all unneeded code, making websites load as fast as possible in a web browser.

WebCrusher 1.6 improves the speed of optimizing a website by only optimizing modified webpage files. It also significantly improves the speed of publishing files to a MobileMe server. WebCrusher 1.6 is a free update for registered users. On average, visitors will wait up to 8 seconds for a website to fully load before closing their browser window or pressing the back button. Website owners need to ensure that their website loads as quickly as possible for all of their potential customers. Now users can simply drop their website onto WebCrusher and let the software quickly remove all unneeded code from their webpages.

WebCrusher was built with iWeb based websites in mind, which have generally been known for their large file sizes and slow loading image files. iWeb users can optimize their entire websites for speed at the click of a button and publish directly to their MobileMe accounts. WebCrusher runs on Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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