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iPhone File Manager app with Google Docs integration

Byte Squared today announced the release of its file manager application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The product, named “Files2” (pronounced Files Squared), enables its users to transfer files between their iPhone and a desktop computer and view them directly from within the Files2 app. Files2 supports viewing of many different formats including most Office-based files, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote, Numbers and Pages. It also supports other popular formats, such as PDF and MP4 video files.

Users may create local folders and organize their files by copying them or moving them between folders. Files and folders may be transferred between the iPhone and a desktop computer over the local wifi network. Files2 supports viewing of the following file types:

Word Documents (.doc, .docs)
Excel Documents (.xls, .xlsx)
PowerPoint Documents (.ppt, .pptx)
Pages Documents (.pages)
Keynote Documents (.keynote)
Numbers Documents (.numbers)
PDF Documents (.pdf)
Image Files (.bmp, .png, .jpg, .gif)
Text Files (.txt, .m, .c, .cpp, .h, .xml)
Web Files (.htm, .html, .webarchive)

Files2 also integrates tightly with Google Docs, letting users copy spreadsheets and documents between the iPhone and a Google Docs folder. Users may also view spreadsheets and documents directly in a Google Docs account. Additionally Files2 can view and organize files stored in a MobileMe iDisk account or any other webDAV enabled server.

Byte Squared CEO Simon Bates said: “We are pleased to offer the first file sharing app to tightly integrate with both Google Docs and iDisk, giving our users ubiquitous access to their data over the cloud from either desktop or iPhone.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Files2 is only $0.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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