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Balloon Boys iPhone App Inspired by Colorado Hoax

Mosa Motion Graphics LLC announces its new iPhone app Balloon Boys, for sale in the iTunes App Store.
iPhone users can now create their own balloon boy hoax simply by using their iPhone camera. Position a balloon boy image over a photo of your skyline, and our vivid graphics will help you make your own unique balloon boy hoax. Balloon boy images can be added to any picture, and easily resized and positioned using iPhone’s finger gestures. The results are strikingly real, and are saved to iPhone’s camera roll. The only limit is your imagination.

These realistic photo mash-ups will amaze and fool your friends. This app is good at making laughs, it’s a real hoax-maker.

America was riveted by the unfolding folk-tale of the balloon boy in October 2009. Young Falcon Heene was thought to have been carried away on board a helium balloon fashioned like a spacecraft. The story of the missing boy panicked an entire nation. In pursuit of the floating balloon, unabated media mania erupted. Americans spent several hours that day watching a drifting and sagging balloon, on its journey across Colorado. After the balloon came back to Earth, and the missing boy was found hiding in his attic, America let out a huge sigh of relief. It’s a story that will live on for some time.

“People are bombarded with the bizarre, yet all too real stories of our time. Being able to participate in the growing legend of the balloon boy is like immersing yourself into an event sure to become an instant classic American folk-tale. This iPhone app is totally entertaining,” says Kari Adams, of Mosa Motion Graphics LLC.

Balloon Boys can put the iPhone user into the story, like never before. Recreation of a news event can be part of a new user experience. Photo content creation, merged with a great story; allow iPhone users to make their own balloon boy hoax a reality.

iPhone users can share and email their Balloon Boys images with friends and contacts.

The Balloon Boys app is currently available in the iTunes App Store, priced at $.99

Inspired by the Balloon Boy events that took place in Colorado, USA, on October 15, 2009.

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