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umsoft releases a New Version of Aperture Themes

Jumsoft, a developer of high-quality applications for Mac OSX, has expanded its product range with a new version of Aperture Themes. Ten new styles were added to the six designs from the previous version to compose Aperture Themes 2.0, which allows Mac users to explore new ways of communicating their love for photography.

Jumsoft Aperture Themes 2.0 equips users with an extensive collection of design options for arranging their photos and pictures in Web galleries. All 16 themes were developed by a team of skillful designers with originality and sophistication to evoke a mood of professionalism and excellence. Every theme features up to ten different layouts for further customization, resulting in a total of 51 fabulous designs.

“Aperture Themes 2.0 is a great tool for professional photographers and photo collectors,” said Algirdas Unguvaitis, the general manager of Jumsoft. “It adds a touch of competence and skill and provides users with an opportunity to make their Web pages and journals more appealing.”

Seven of the themes allow displaying photos in their original sizes, while the remaining three, Retro, Exposure, and Precision, crop images to squares and present them in elegant and tidy grids. Users of Aperture can always find a perfect design in this bundle to meet their needs, whether they are professional photographers or admirers of beautiful and touching pictures.

System Requirements:
* Aperture 2.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Aperture Themes 2.0 is only $39 (USD) and the upgrade is only $19 (USD). Users can view samples of the themes and purchase Aperture Themes 2.0 on Jumsoft’s Web site.

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