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Apple Macintosh News and Information

World’s First iPhone™ Game To Record Global Reaction Times

In the past it has been very difficult to accurately measure reaction times but now iPhone™ technology has made this possible.

The release of the iPhone™ game ‘BATAK Duel’ is a major step forward in the analysis of how fast people can react to different visual stimuli.

Inventor of the BATAK™ sports equipment, Dr David Nelson, believes that human performance assessment will make heavy use of computer game interfaces in the future, “we have arrived at a stage in technology where mobile hardware such as the iPhone™ and iPod touch™ can be integrated with data gathering software such as OpenFeint™ in order to collect human performance data from potentially millions of people. In the case of the BATAK Duel gaming application this data represents reaction times and hand-eye coordination abilities. With this type of technology we are getting much closer to discovering the fastest man and woman alive.”

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