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ShowMeCables Introduces Specialty iPhone-to-VOIP Headset Adaptor

ShowMeCables, a St. Louis-based online wholesaler of voice, audio, and data solutions, is pleased to announce that iPhone-to-computer headset adaptors are now available for purchase from the company’s Web site, The adaptors are aimed at users of iPhone-only headsets who also use Skype and/or other VOIP services who do not wish to purchase separate adapters.

The adapter consists of one 3.5mm iPhone-style jack and two 3.5mm male plugs (one each microphone and stereo audio). Users plug their iPhone headset (the standard earbud/microphone unit) into the jack, and can then plug the male connectors into their computer’s audio and microphone ports. This provides an inexpensive (under $10/adapter) alternative to using two separate adapters for voice calls (one for iPhone and another for computer-based Skype/VOIP).

Besides iPhone headset adaptors, ShowMeCables also carries a wide variety of voice and telephony products and adaptors, including telephone jacks, iPhone headset jack splitters, and telephone cords.

Apart from this iPhone-oriented adaptor special, ShowMeCables also offers other regular—like the weekly Humpday Special—and non-regular specials. For the latest discounts and closeouts, head to the ShowMeCables Specials page.

ShowMeCables also offers a vast variety of audio, video, and data solutions. From patch cables to PAL adapters to VGA cables to everything in between, ShowMeCables stocks a wide variety of audio, video, and data wholesale products, bulk items, and tools.

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