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New iPhone App Brings Law of Attraction Advice Directly to iPhone

MobiAppLab™ has released a fun, new ‘Magic 8-ball’ style iPhone app called The Advisor that offers advice based on the Law of Attraction (LOA).

Many people have a difficult time making decisions. Whether those decisions are small or large, consulting The Advisor can be a great way to break the normal pattern of anxiety or procrastination. The Advisor, which can be consulted with a quick shake of the iPhone, can bring the wisdom of the Law of Attraction directly to anyone with an iPhone.

Fans of “The Secret” or anyone who believes in the Law of Attraction or who wants to learn more about the LOA will want to download this iPhone app.

The app is designed to help break old approaches to dealing with issues and learn to look at problems from the perspective of the Law of Attraction. The more the iPhone app is used, the more the user will be in alignment with the Law of Attraction.

The Advisor can be used for both personal and business decision-making. The iPhone app can be used to help navigate personal decisions – from simple purchase decisions, to romance, trip taking, relationship issues and more. The iPhone app can also be consulted for advice or fun when doing business.

Phil Herman, President, Potential Unlimited, Inc., an LOA fan and iPhone owner who uses the app says “This app is fun! It won’t give direct yes or no answers, but we want to trust our inner emotional guidance from Source anyway. What it does do is remind us of some useful and fun ways to approach any issue, situation or question. Just shake-shake-shake your iPhone!”

There are two parts to this app, The Advisor and LOA Explained. The Advisor section of the app offers advice on any problem or issue based on the Law of Attraction. Simply shuffle the deck by shaking the phone, and then choose a card with a touch of a finger. The card will flip over, revealing the exact advice for any situation. There are over 125 different responses. Since the advice is based on the Law of Attraction, different advice may be given each time a question is asked. Some terms are specific to the Law of Attraction; if the advice includes one of these terms, a window will pop up providing the precise definition of the term.

The LOA Explained part of the app explains the basic principles of the Law of Attraction in a simple question and answer format. A bookmark will let the user return to where they left off in the reading process even when the app is re-launched.

Susan Nichol, President, MobiAppLab™ says of The Advisor app and their experience as iPhone developers “The response has been phenomenal. I even have people emailing me asking if it works to shake other objects for advice such as pens, toothbrushes, even cigarettes. The Advisor app will be used by our development team to guide us in the development of our next successful app. The real value comes from asking the questions.”

The Advisor app is available for the iPhone and iPod touch for $.99 from the App Store or at

About MobiAppLab™ MobiAppLab helps companies connect with their mobile customers. By developing interactive and engaging applications that deliver value, MobiAppLab™ provides full services including concept, strategy, development, and execution for the iPhone app. MobiAppLab expertise includes microlearning, permission-based marketing strategies, aligning the mobile application design to business outcomes, customer usability experience and proven application development methodologies.

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