Pushme.to 1.0 App and Service released: Instant Web to iPhone Messenger

Treebune s.r.l. has announced an iPhone App and web service, that enables its users to receive free for the sender instant messages from the web on their iPhones, and exchange free instant messages between its users. Pushme.to service aims at a broader audience, since the sender is not required to own an iPhone, and offers a more comfortable way of instant communication, where you can use both your iPhone and you computer to manage your inbox and send messages.

“Pushme.to links are extremely useful not only for communication between friends, but as a quick contact for your online identities – on blogs, auctions, forums.” – says Eugene Shimalsky, co-founder and CEO. “In our next free web upgrade we are going to deliver custom web widgets, that users will be able to embed in their web sites, Facebook pages, profiles, etc.” – says Egor Egorov, Treebune s.r.l. co-founder and CTO.

To receive messages, the service requires the “pushme.to” application to be installed on the device, although the application is not required to be running in order to get messages. Pushme.to offers this functionality:

* Party can type their message on user’s personal web page, no registration is required for sending
* Users can exchange free messages using the iPhone address book to store nicknames
* There is no per message fee, including international messaging
* There’s no need to reveal one’s phone number or email to receive messages
* Messages can be sent and received both from an iPhone/iPod touch or from the website
* Messages are delivered on the screen of the device (using apple push notification service)

Pushme.to is being used in more then 20 countries by individuals and small businesses that require receiving immediate instant feedback from customers. Pushme.to is available in three languages: English, Italian and Russian. More localizations are coming.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
The application is available today on the AppStore for $2.99 USD; the service itself is free and there are no ongoing charges.

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