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iTissue 1.0 for iPhone

Independent developer Joe Henry, today launched iTissue 1.0, an interactive tissue simulation application, on the iTunes App Store. Although tissues aren’t usually a big part of life, we all use them, and iTissue simulates that experience bringing out the fun in it with cute graphics and hilarious interaction!

The iPhone has many unique features that developers can take advantage of to make creative and interactive applications. iTissue does just this but in a way never before seen on the iPhone; “iTissue gets the user to physically interact with the iPhone, but in a more exaggerated way than just tapping the screen with a finger,” said Henry.

The idea behind iTissue is extremely simple. The user pulls a tissue out of a tissue box and rubs their nose on the tissue (or iPhone) to produce boogers. The user can vary the number of boogers put on the tissue by rubbing their nose for a longer period of time, or just tapping the screen with their nose. After the user has filled the tissue with boogers or is done with the tissue they crumple it up and toss it off-screen – a somewhat ironic action, ignoring the trash can in the background.

* High quality, cute cartoon graphics
* Refined user experience and interaction

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone OS 3.1.2 or higher
* iPhone or iPod touch

Pricing and Availability:
iTissue 1.0 is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99 in both the Entertainment and Games categories.

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