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TriviaBurst : Competitive Trivia Application Launched for iPhone and iPod Touch by E5 Interactive and Bit33

E5 Interactive and Bit33 have announced the launch of their first iPhone application, TriviaBurst.

More than just a typical trivia app, TriviaBurst allows players to test their trivia wits in a competitive and user-driven environment taking full advantage of the best features the iPhone has to offer. One of those features is the seamless integration with Facebook Connect, allowing users to share their scores in real-time with friends. TriviaBurst is the first trivia game in the iTunes App Store that allows players to create teams and challenge friends or family on an individual or team basis.

Another impressive feature of TriviaBurst is the ability for users to submit their own trivia questions. After passing through initial screening, other players will begin to see the questions and can rate their quality along with flagging them for inaccuracy. Players will also be able to submit their picture with their questions so that others can see who made the submission. TriviaBurst currently has over 5,500 questions, but the development team hopes to see that number multiply as more users adopt to the submission process.

“Based on our vision, TriviaBurst content will dynamically scale based on the involvement of its users. The more users play TriviaBurst, the more depth the game will have, creating a very long-lasting trivia experience”, states co-founder Joel Frank. “As players input more questions and create more categories to choose from, the community will greatly benefit and TriviaBurst will become the go-to source for everyone’s trivia fix.”

On the aesthetics and usability side, TriviaBurst is no slouch. The developers brought on Silicon Valley web development powerhouse WebEnertia to help design the graphical interface. The vibrant colors and graphics provide for a very captivating gaming experience. The overall look and feel meshes perfectly with the game flow as you advance from one question to the next with no delay whatsoever. This smooth user experience along with the array of interactive features are what separate TriviaBurst from the rest of the trivia apps available for the iPhone.

TriviaBurst also utilizes one of iPhone OS 3.0’s much-anticipated features, push notifications. Users have the option to have alerts sent straight to their iPhone when friends or family surpass their scores or challenge them to a trivia match. Zavzag, a hosted Push Notification System (PNS) solutions provider, was partnered with to integrate, host, and manage TriviaBurst’s real-time messaging system.

“Apple has established a new paradigm of social connectivity for iPhone users. Real-time mobile communication and interaction now extend past phone calls and text messaging to new grounds in the application and gaming space”, states co-founder David Davtian. “Our vision is to make TriviaBurst a leader in user-driven and user-created gaming by taking full advantage of all the features the iPhone has to offer, whether it be Facebook integration or Apple Push Notifications to keep gamers constantly informed. We are excited to see that the response from TriviaBurst players has been excellent, and we hope to please them even more as we continue to expand upon these advanced and interactive features.”

The product is available now at: iTunes App Store

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