Apple Macintosh News and Information
Apple Macintosh News and Information

Apple MacBooks Are The Older Genrerations Lifeline

A comical look at different generations addressing technological changes and the battle between which is better the PC or the Apple MacBook.

For anyone in a quandary concerning the life long question “Should I buy a PC or a MAC”, A.Rieck in his website has given an amusing insight into the pros of owning a MacBook and opportunities to change from using a complicated Windows Based PC to an Apple Macintosh Computer instead.

It’s easy to relate to the article, which gives a hilarious insight into the relationships we have with parents and the challenges faced trying to bring them into a modern, technological based society. A.Rieck shows his limited and biased knowledge of computers by steering his parents down this road with a recommendation to purchase a windows based PC only to be thwarted at the eleventh hour by his sister, who while on one of her rare visits home and without warning, sees through the purchase of an AppleMac for the techno challenged parents.

Although Apple MacBook and iMac computers have a relatively small share of the market, their operating systems are proving to become quite popular, further assisted by the recent issues with Microsoft Vista.

This website is not a hard sell. It highlights a realistic point of view on the Apple MacBook as an efficient working computer from the author’s experience. It shows the Apple MacBook for what it is in a real life application while highlighting the importance in life to stay open to new opportunities, regardless of age or experience. A.Rieck’s website gives a summary of all the latest MacBooks availabl including the MacBook, MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air Notebook. There are a number of useful links to webpages about these items. He also recommends a number of books and programs that are available that help assist anyone making the transition from a Windows based PC to the Apple MacIntosh Range.

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