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Pocket Laser iPhone App

Last December 9, 2009, Pocket Laser, a project by TEK2 Games was officially available for download on the iPhone App Store.

The first-person type shooter game specifically developed for the iPhone platforms was well received when it debuted on the iPhone App Store. It even inspired a few demo videos on the popular video sharing website YouTube.

This application marks the first major release from TEK2 Games since the company’s founding in September of 2009.

“The best thing about all of this is the experience that we have gained. We now have established proven techniques and strategies to successfully launch an application. Now we have a good starting point to base our future development.” says TEK2 Games founder Thomas Kammerer II.

The future is certainly promising for Pocket Laser. TEK2 Games is looking ahead to new and emerging trends to build Pocket Laser as an augmented reality game for the iPhone.

“The first version of Pocket Laser is a great game and is the just the basis to a much larger vision, augmented reality is a new an emerging game technology yet to be tapped into. We are currently looking to tag the real objects with virtual targets that can be tagged and tracked with the application.” adds Kammerer II.

Pocket Laser is now available for download on the iPhone App Store.

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About TEK2 Games
TEK2 Games is an independent game developer in Washington, D.C. Founded by Thomas “Tom” Kammerer II. This young mobile gaming company produces various applications and games for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch with a purpose and vision to create unique never before seen experiences in gaming.

For more information on Pocket Laser or TEK2 Games visit or email [email protected].

Thomas Kammerer II
TEK2 Games LLC
5500 Friendship Blvd. #N2424
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