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GameSalad iPhone Publishing System and New Games Now Available

Gendai Games, developers of game creation tools for non-programmers, announces the immediate availability of the GameSalad iPhone Early Access Program which enables its members to create and publish games to the iPhone App Store. In addition, two new iPhone games made with the program have also been simultaneously released on the iPhone App Store, paving the way for user submitted games to be developed and published onto the world’s best selling mobile device.

In March 2009, Gendai Games opened free access to GameSalad Creator, the ground-breaking tool that gives would-be game designers access to complex algorithms necessary for implementing professional-level artificial intelligence and game play, without programming knowledge. GameSalad Creator enables users to share their games on the web and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Today, Gendai Games is announcing the launch of the iPhone Early Access Program, a two-tiered membership system that provides access to GameSalad’s unique ability to export games to different platforms. The Indie and Pro Memberships give creators unlimited access to the system that exports their games for publishing to the iPhone App Store. In addition, the Pro Membership also provides access to advanced game development features as well as customized branding.

The first game released with the GameSalad iPhone engine, Flutterby™, has now been joined by two additional titles. In Spark of Life™, players take control of the Spark that protects and guides newborn planets, helping them build life and civilization as they traverse the hazards of space. Spark of Life utilizes GameSalad’s support of the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to control the gameplay in a fun and challenging way. In Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Movie: The Game™, players take the role as the mysterious Nameless Master who must do what he vowed never to do again: wield the three ancient weapons of battle and seek vengeance against the Deadly Dragon Clan. This game features stylized hand-drawn art that demonstrate GameSalad’s support for rich graphical interfaces, sprites, and animations. Both games are now available on the iPhone App Store.

“Since we first hinted that our iPhone publishing system was nearing launch, the response has been phenomenal”, says Tan Tran, Director of Web Development and co-founder at Gendai Games. “In the few weeks since our initial announcement at the beginning of September, we’ve nearly quadrupled our membership. We currently have nearly 20,000 users who have not only joined GameSalad, but have also downloaded the tool.”

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About Gendai Games Inc.

Gendai Games is an innovator in modern game design. The company develops game creation technologies enabled by the social web. Gendai Games’ technologies provide powerful tools and processes ideal for the creation of sophisticated games and interactive media. The company pairs unique technology with social media to bring game creators and players together.

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