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PocketCAS 2.0 brings Advanced Mathematics to the iPhone

EUROCOMP proudly announces the release of a major update to its well-acclaimed Computer Algebra System PocketCAS for the iPhone and iPod touch. Apart from a new visual theme and an improved mathematical keyboard, the update features a new function plotter as well as native support for several physical units.

PocketCAS is a very advanced computer algebra system which turns an iPhone or iPod touch into a device capable of calculating complicated mathematical problems in just seconds. The main target group are scientists, mathematicians and students. PocketCAS makes their everyday work a lot easier. Apart from calculating symbolic derivatives and taylor series expansions as well as plotting cartesian and polar functions, PocketCAS computes symbolic integrals, simplifies expressions and does advanced linear algebra. A vast amount of more than 500 functions enable PocketCAS to solve almost every mathematical problem.

The integrated function plotter makes it easy to visualize formulas. Users can graph cartesian as well as polar functions without having to worry about plot settings. Ease of use has always been EUROCOMP’s main goal developing software. PocketCAS ships with ten tutorials. There’s also an easily accessible and clear searchable list of all available functions. The list is combined with examples and syntax information for almost every available function.

Special care has been taken in order to make text input a breeze. When working with a CAS, there’s a lot of different functions one might want to enter (PocketCAS is a lot more powerful than a regular scientific calculator). The iPhone’s touchscreen is not very large and as much space as possible should be available for the calculations. PocketCAS therefore introduces a special mathematical keyboard with different sections. When tapping a function’s key, it will be entered including braces, with the cursor in between. If text was selected prior to pressing a function key, the previously selected text will automatically be used as the argument for the entered function.

PocketCAS makes it easy to compose physical formulas. Built-in constants and physical units allow to enter formulas from a textbook without having to substitute constants manually.

Entering large matrices by hand can be a huge pain. PocketCAS’ visual matrix editor assists with this task.

PocketCAS is available in two different versions. For many uses, the free version PocketCAS lite may be sufficient. It serves as a great scientific calculator and allows to plot one function at a time. PocketCAS pro adds more sophisticated CAS functions like symbolic integration and advanced linear algebra and also plots multiple functions at once.

PocketCAS lite and PocketCAS pro are available in the App Store. For more detailed information, please have a look at the PocketCAS homepage.

Qualified reviewers are welcome to ask for a free promo code. Should you find PocketCAS worth a note, we’d be more than happy to receive a short reference via email. The application icon, screenshots and more press material are available from the application’s website.

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