PCS Software Releases New iPhone App iLoadFinder

PCS Software Inc. is pleased to announce the release of an entirely new iPhone based application for the Trucking Industry. This exciting app is a one-of-a-kind app and the first iPhone based application ever developed for the trucking industry.
There are literally hundreds of Load Boards that drivers can choose from when searching for freight. Very few of these Load Boards have mobile versions of their websites available. None integrate with the Apple iPhone, until now. iLoadFinder reads the iPhone’s GPS location and retrieves available loads within a certain radius of the iPhone. Driver’s can specify the radius to search, the distance they want the load to travel and they can also search by origin and destination city, state and shipper. Once a load is found the driver can touch the screen to either phone or email the shipper. Thousands of loads are posted daily and updates occur every five minutes.

PCS Software has been developing advanced software for the Trucking Industry since 1997. Focusing on Enterprise Level Integrated Operations and Accounting Management Systems, PCS Software is a top tier software provider serving over a thousand transportation companies in the United States and Canada. In addition to the core Dispatching, Accounting and Trucking Management Systems, PCS Software also develops advanced solutions such as Log Scanning, Internet Based Freight Tracking, DOE Fuel Matrix Interfaces, FMCSA Interfaces and now apps for the iPhone. Always engineering to deliver greater productivity to the Transportation Industry, iLoadFinder is just the latest example of smarter thinking and superior technology developed and delivered only by PCS Software.

iLoadFinder is available at the App Store or visit www.pcssoft.com

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