UEI announces the redesign of iPhone apps for the iPad

Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. (UEI, Head Office: Bunkyo, Tokyo. CEO: Ryo Shimizu) announced the redesign of the iPhone/iPod touch applications, “ZeptoPad,” “Zeptoliner,” and “iShodo” for the iPad, released by Apple Inc. on 28th January (JST). In addition, UEI announced the decision to develop more content for the iPad as well as to recruit more developers for iPad/ iPhone projects.

-About the Research for iPad Project: UEI is developing applications which focus on the computer as the next generation in the evolution of stationary. UEI is developing software for many platforms, and continues to focus on devices with multi-touch support such as the iPhone. UEI believes in the iPad’s potential to change people’s lifestyle and is planning to launch several new projects for the iPad. For the iPad, UEI is developing new applications and redesigning the existing applications for the iPhone/ iPod touch: “ZeptoPad,” a white-board application, “Zeptoliner,” an outliner processor, and “iShodo,” a calligraphy simulator.

Details of UEI’s research are available here: http://www.uei.co.jp/lab/index

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