Apple Macintosh News and Information
Apple Macintosh News and Information

iPad Pocket Ants and File Viewer

Concrete Software, Inc., a leader in innovative mobile content, released top-selling applications Pocket Ants and PDF Word Excel File Viewer for the Apple iPad. The first model of the iPad was made available to consumers on Saturday, April 3, 2010. The iPad App Store was preloaded onto all iPad devices with about 3,000 apps listed- including Pocket Ants and PDF Word Excel File Viewer. Concrete Software is proud to be a part of the iPad community by offering applications that are compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Coming soon to these three devices is PBA® Bowling 2 with online leaderboards, the ability to play against PBA bowlers from PBA World Tour stops, and many customizable features.

About Concrete Software

Concrete Software produces and publishes innovative, high quality and easy to use software ranging from personal productivity applications to games. Content includes major name brands such as PBA Bowling and People Mobile, as well as Concrete Software’s own “Aces” brand of games and applications. Concrete Software supplies applications that run on most mobile platforms including BlackBerry®, iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Bada, Palm webOS, and J2ME, and does so across many app stores, major operators, retail stores and anywhere else mobile software is sold. More information is available at

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