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Island Apps Announces Garden Buddy for the iPhone Gardener an American owned Philippines based Mobile software development company has released its first App Garden Buddy on the iTunes App store this week, Garden Buddy is a tool that helps math challenged Gardeners with some of the most common Garden Math needed for ordering bulk gardening materials planning ponds, and many other common tasks.

Matthew Trachtenberg CEO and Founder of Island Apps had the following to say, “Island Apps is proud to have our first App approved by Apple in just a few days, it is a major milestone for our company and reflects the dedication and professionalism of the development team. Garden Buddy 1.0 is an Iphone App that automates some very common Gardening and lawn Math calculations, because it’s a Mobile App it is available anytime to a gardener both out in the garden or at the garden center.

“The Development team is currently 80% through with version 2.0 which will add some significant features, such as using the iPhones GPS and location services to help gardeners find nearby suppliers. All current customers will receive a free update to version 2.0 when it is released.

“Our Metric EU / UK version is also on track for release worldwide in early May 2010.

“Island Apps targeting of the Gardening market for its first App was not an accident the industry and number of new gardeners is exploding this year, with many seed suppliers running low on seeds and garden centers all over the world running out of supplies, In these times of economic uncertainty people are more in control of their own food supply if they have a garden.

“The timing of the release of Garden buddy is very good as it is springtime in both the north America and Europe,Island Apps anticipate strong sales throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.”

Product description:

Garden Buddy is an Iphone App that simplifies common lawn and garden calculations.

Version 1.0 of Garden Buddy is for the North American market and uses inches, feet and pounds, and cubic yards as it measurement units, a EU / UK metric version will be available soon.

Garden Buddy 1.0 includes the following tools:

Area calculator
(Provides square feet for round, rectangular and triangular gardens)

Mulch and topsoil calculator
(Calculates number of cubic yards to order for a given area and depth)

Plant quantity calculator
(Provides number of plants required to fill an given area with standard spacing)

Sod calculator
(Easily calculates how many pieces and pallets of sod to order for an area)

Fertilizer calculator
(Provides quantity of fertilizer to apply based on soil test)

Pond calculator
(Calculates number of gallons, recommended pump size and liner size based on measurements)

Materials coverage quick reference
(Provides a handy reference table of coverage of various materials for a given area and depth.)

Planting Data on 47 common vegetables
(Includes planting months, row spacing, plant spacing, how much to plant for a family of 4, and days to harvest when planted from seed.)

Garden Buddy 1.0 is priced at $1.99 and is available for purchase on the Apple Itunes App store.

Mr Trachtenberg also said, “That upon request Island Apps will supply interested journalists with a promo code that would allow them try out Garden Buddy for review at no cost.”

Interested Journalists may contact Island Apps via the company website:

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